Hello, and welcome to the world of Michael Burns and Stu Fink.


As promised, here are our new calendars for 2020.  Print them up, use them, save them, or give them away.  Yes, they make great gifts.

Download your Boston Country Oldies calendar for Massachusetts.

Download your Boston Country Oldies calendar for Vermont and Maine.


Now you can request your favorites on the official Boston Country Oldies Facebook page.
First, start out by liking us. Then, once you’re in, go crazy and request your favorites–as many as you like. We will play them on a future show, and mention your name and town as well. It’s a great way to get yourself on the air…and let us know you’re listening. (Remember, all shows are pre-recorded weeks in advance. It may take that long to get your favorite song played, so, please, be patient.)

If you don’t have Facebook, you can still e-mail in your requests, to MichaelandStu@aol.com. Either way, we hope to hear from you.

WRSA Radio St. Albans

We welcome our latest affiliate, and what a great affiliate it is.  WRSA in St. Albans, Vermont, has added the show every Sunday Morning from 8-10.  Their unique signal truly puts Michael and Stu in uncharted territory, with coverage to Northern Vermont, New York State, and parts of Canada.

WRSA is a terrific station that offers a great blend of music, old time radio, sports, NASCAR, news and information, and now….Boston Country Oldies.  Special thanks to Eric and Tiffany Miller at WRSA for bringing great radio back to the area, and making Boston Country Oldies part of it.

Give them a listen.  You’ll like it.

WRSA Radio St. Albans


WCVR-North Country 1320 & 100.1

Our northern expansion continues as Michael and Stu are now heard on WCVR, North Country 1320 and 100.1 in Randolph, Vermont, every Saturday from 12noon to 2pm. We welcome our new friends and listeners there, and hope to be hearing from many of you soon.

WCVR is Your Home For All Things Country, and makes great listening, anytime. Thanks go out to Rob Landry and Aaron Gonthier for fitting us into the station’s schedule.

Give North Country a listen. You’ll be hooked like we are!

Listen to Boston Country Oldies on North Country 1320 & 100.1


Sunday night listeners in Bangor, Maine now flock to The Legends, WGUY, where Michael and Stu can be heard from 9-11pm! Two great hours on one great station. Kudos go out to our friends Pete Falconi and Carl Strube of Port Broadcasting for believing in the power of both Michael and Stu, and great Country Oldies.


WCRN Full Service Radio

Hear Michael and Stu in Worcester on WCRN 830-AM, every Sunday night at 7pm. WCRN has long been Worcester’s top station, with an amazing 50,000 watt signal that blankets the region both day and night. With great talk programming during the day, and now, great oldies seven nights a week, Boston Country Oldies kicks off the Sunday night lineup. We are thrilled that we can reach our many friends and fans in Metrowest, Western Massachusetts, and parts of Rhode Island and Connecticut, too. High praises go out to longtime friends Kenny, Kurt, and Jordan at WCRN.

Listen To Boston Country Oldies on WCRN.

980 WCAP:  Everybody Gets It!

Hear Boston Country Oldies on Sunday mornings at 11am on The Great 98, WCAP, Lowell. WCAP is the Merrimack Valley’s home for news, talk, sports, specialty programs, and…oldies. Our continued thanks go out to station chief Sam Poulten and his staff for keeping Michael and Stu on the air!

Listen To Michael and Stu on WCAP…Everybody Gets It.

You can also listen to Boston Country Oldies Sunday nights at 9pm on The Legends, WWSF 1220AM and 104.3FM in Sanford and Biddeford, Maine. The Legends is without a doubt the finest oldies station on the air. Our thanks go out to Pete Falconi and Carl Strube of Port Broadcasting for keeping Boston Country Oldies in their family of programs.

Listen To Michael and Stu on WWSF.

Missed a program? You can listen to recent shows here.

To contact Michael and Stu, or to make a request, you can now email us at MichaelandStu@aol.com.

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